Wedding Trends for 2014

A new year, lots of newly engaged couples means lots of new wedding trends! Here is the low down of what to expect on the wedding forecast for 2014, whether you’re going be a guest, a bride or are helping plan someones wedding; here is all you need to ensure you are the coolest player in the bunch.

Wedding Dresses: arguably the most important detail of your day and this year there are a lot of exciting options to choose from. Although long white dresses are of course not going anywhere and there are some gorgeous options. If you’re feeling a little bit daring and feel long and white doesn’t exactly match your personality, why not try mixing it up a bit with one of these beauties. The main alternative wedding dress trends for 2014 are shades of pink; just have a look at the Vera Wang collection and you’ll be convinced! And shorter styles are also appearing; from above the knee dresses to ballerina skirts. I really love the relaxed, fun element this brings to the wedding and also perfect for dancing in. Have a look at some dress inspiration below.


Ethical Weddings: This is a trend I definitely encourage! With so many great eco-friendly suppliers and options out there, having a green wedding is definitely not a compromise. So for all you bohemian, alternative types out there, here’s some ideas for your ethical wedding:
Glamping. Forget everything you know about camping, glamping is more like staying in a 5 star private wood with every amenity you can think of. Totally luxurious, natural and relaxed while giving you a lot more freedom than traditional wedding venues. Some of these glamping sites look incredible! Definitely a special treat for your wedding.
Handfasting ceremonies are also set to become even more popular in 2014. This ritual symbolises unity and oneness between the couple and could appeal either to couples wanting an alternative to a religious ceremony or added as an extra dimension to any traditional wedding.
All this feeds right back to the reception with barn venues, naturalistic details and a warm, rustic theme being the order of the day. Think bringing the outside in. So don’t be shocked if branches feature in the décor of any weddings you attend, this bride is on trend, it’s not a fire hazard.

Quirky Details: hand crafted, hand made, DIY details are all BIG this year. So grab your mason jars, get pinning and make your own perfect day. While thrifty details have (and hopefully will) always be popular for weddings, this year brings some new themes that will definitely excite:
Bunting is out tassels are IN
Marbling is also looking popular this year, with the marbelised style appearing everywhere from wedding cakes to balloons. A great way to work your color theme into the décor in a unique, captivating way.
Hand Painted Wedding cakes; these look incredible.
Feathers; in headpieces, in centerpieces and anywhere you can add them!


Themed Weddings: forget geeky costumes and awkward entertainment, themed weddings have evolved into something chic and stylish; you can either go completely all out with a theme and have your guests totally involved with some costume ideas or simply keep one theme running through the smaller touches of your wedding. Whatever you decide, stay true to yourself and have fun!
Great Gatsby/20s style weddings with Art Deco touches have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity since the film was released last year. Anyone who saw it can see why! That party was perfection. The upcoming tribute to 19th century fashion icon Charles James and shows like NBC’s Dracula are sure to inspire some brides to have an ‘old feel opulence’ motif at their wedding. And for the bravest among you, a Pop Art theme. Have a look at the board below for some ideas on how to incorporate a theme into your day.



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