Top Tips for A Greener Wedding

Typically most wedding days aren’t the most eco friendly event with a huge amount of food waste, thrown away décor, a carbon footprint from guest travel, plastic packaging use and a dress worn just the once. Having a green wedding doesn’t mean you have to wed in a barn or only invite 10 guests, it just means taking a moment to source sustainable and eco-friendly items, often saving you a bit of money and giving your guests some food for thought. Whether you want a green Wedding from start to finish or just some eco-friendly elements, hopefully these tips should give some inspiration.

The Venue:

Your venue choice is possibly the biggest decision a bride and groom can make and incorporating eco-friendly to your criteria can be hard. Choose a local venue – by doing this you’re reducing the carbon footprint of the couple, suppliers and guests travel. If local isn’t for you then try a sustainable venue: barns and farms are considered a typical option for an eco-wedding, but manors and castles, which have all the facilities of a wedding waiting for you, are also an option. Having a good sit down with your venue to find out their best practices with regards food, wines and suppliers, will help you decide if they share your greener vision.


DIY favours are very popular at the moment. Some popular ideas are baked goods, making your own jam (gifted in reused jars), handmade soap and bags of confetti made from dried petals. To inspire those green fingers at your wedding why not consider small potted plants that can double-up as place stings or have wildflower seeds as wedding favours which can be bought in bulk or purchased from charities such as the RSPB. This not only saves money but also helps the environment, saving the bees and aids a charity! It’s a win win! There are so many DIY green Wedding favour ideas, all you need is a little imagination.


When it comes to outfits, taking the greener route can shave a large portion off the more traditional larger budget item. Hiring suits and sourcing a vintage/secondhand dress will save you sometimes thousands and is a big benefit to the environment. There are so many vintage stores that sell designer dresses at great prices. Oxfam have 12 dedicated bridal shops across the country which are worth a visit. If vintage isn’t for you then purchasing a dress from an ethical designer can be another eco element to the special day.

Here are some recommended vintage wedding dress websites-


Cutting back on paper consumption for your wedding would make a huge difference! Here at Cute Maps we offer a Save The Date Email, this saves paper going out to all your guests and still has that wedding flair. Cutting back on paper and wastage is just a general rule of thumb to save you money, time and the environment!


Go Vegetarian! It is increasingly popular in our western society to go vegetarian or vegan so why not please those guests and educate others on the delicious delights of those lifestyles. It can saves you a lot of money sparing your caterer expensive meat purchases and beef is one of the biggest contributors to climate change so even choosing an alternative meat ca make a difference. Furthermore, avoid disposable dinnerware and organic and vegan bakeries are forever increasing their wedding cake offers.


A great way to save on transport is stick to a single venue if going for a civil ceremony or to select venues within close proximity and walk! Walking from your Vows to your reception is a great way to mingle and chat with the guests and can really make the whole day! Another way to save on burning fuel is to book a coach for transport for your guests, a double decker bus can be done up with your own special twist.

There are so many ways you can have a green Wedding day, whether it’s start to finish green or just a couple of these elements to help reduce, reuse and recycle!

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