To Veil or not to Veil

Here we focus on the ultimate and arguably most contentious piece of wedding gear: the veil. Possibly the only day in your life where it is appropriate to wear one, but does that mean you should?

A traditional wedding veil can conjure up very old fashioned images of traditional weddings with big puffy dresses, unappetizing buffets and boring speeches and at the mere thought of a wedding veil your mind might automatically jump to a Ms. Havisham scenario; and NO bride wants this look anywhere near their big day. However veils have somewhat come back into fashion, in chicer more refined styles that could perfectly compliment your bridal styling.


I know some brides who had an issue with some of the traditional meanings behind wedding veils; as a symbol of modesty and purity or another instance of being presented as a gift to the groom. But honestly I think so many wedding traditions do stem from questionable places and there is no need to deny yourself a veil on these principles; much better to reclaim it for this generation, where all it needs to stand for is a pretty hair accessory that compliments your dress and makes you feel like the bride of your dreams.

Also there is an insane amount of veils to choose from! Throw out that old image of net curtains and look to these fabulous celebrities for inspiration. Millie from Made in Chelsea rocked it, managing to look cool and fashionable with a mid-length veil. Kate Moss wore a ‘Juliet Cap’ full length veil lending a romantic, pretty edge to her outfit. Christina Ricci opted for a traditional mid length veil that perfectly ties together her bridal outfit. It seems veils are coming back into wedding vogue and with so many different options to choose from, it isn’t hard to understand why.


Take a look at our specially designed Cute Maps pinterest board completely dedicated to this staple piece of wedding fashion. From pretty bird cage styles to full length cathedral creations, your sure to find the right one for you. Alternatively you could opt for a bejewelled headband, flower headpieces, feathered arrangements, hats, fasteners; the list is endless. Ultimately it’s like all the wedding day styling decisions; so many options and only one chance to use them. Just have fun, pick what you feel most comfortable in and enjoy it. Hell you could even have multiple head adornments for your big day; I think some of these beauties are just too good to miss.

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