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Weird and Wonderful Wedding Venues

Do hotels and fancy surroundings not really relate to you and your partner? Sometimes choosing a wedding venue can seem like an endless stream of coffee meetings with people offering you all inclusive packages, catering options, seating chair covers and a million and one other things you really have never even thought off, never mind cared about. Don’t worry, you are not alone, and in recent years wedding venues have been transformed from the standard hotel deals to people getting creative and having their weddings in all sorts of places; boutique hotels, outdoor spaces and even at home. Here is a list of some of the weirdest places to tie the knot, to encourage you, as with all wedding decisions to think outside the box.37_1789734_orig

  • Underwater wedding: Have your ceremony underwater! Many couples have chosen this option with one even doing it in a shark tank (yikes) cold feet will be the least of your worries.
  • Rollercoaster wedding, Coney Island, home to one of the world’s most famous roller coasters; an 83 year old wooden Cyclone where you can now get hitched; usually ceremonies take place on the boarding platform and then the whole wedding party can enjoy a spin on the cyclone.
  • A Doughnut Shop; Voodoo doughnut shop in Portland. You can have a choice of ceremonies at this prime location including a nonbinding “intentional commitment” ceremony (one of which involved two cats getting hitched), or the “Whole Shebang,” which includes an in-house Universal Life minister, coffee and doughnuts.


  • In the air: Forget the church, marriage in the sky offers a 20-seat, platform hoisted 164 feet into the air. This marriage mobile can anchor wherever there’s 5,000 square feet of secure surface area, so the sky’s the limit for location as long as your preferred landscape sits in one of 15 countries where the company has an operating license. Bungee jumping afterwards is optional.
  • Wedding on the road: Reverend Darrell Best pimped out his 1942-edition American La France fire engine into a mini chapel on wheels. The holy matrimony ride is complete with stained glass windows, pipe organ and even an altar for the special occasion. He charges $200 fee plus $2 per mile for the ride and ceremony. Head to Illinois for this opportunity!
  • Or for a destination closer to home, head to Cornwall where you can get married in a mine; a delightfully quirky venue for a civil ceremony.