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Travel Themed Wedding

112_9509502So you and future hubby love travelling, holidaying, city breaking, road tripping, whatever you want to call it…how about using this as your wedding theme? How romantic is it, after all, to jet off or sail away to somewhere new with your other half? Sharing new experiences, cultures, new tastes and sounds and embracing your adventurous spirit is so liberating and has the power to bring you closer together, so being able to incorporate this into your big day could really give your guests a sense of whimsical adventure.

Maybe you’re having a destination honeymoon, or just generally have the travel bug! Either way, we’ve researched some great ideas that you could use to inspire your big day, some great DIY ideas too.

Of course at Cute Maps, we are a sucker for anything map and travel related so needless to say we have included some of our own designs to inject a bit of fanciful ‘map chic’ to the travel theme! Whether it be a stylish bespoke map to invite your stylish guests, a custom designed Cute Map Table Plan, map magnets to give out as favours (…and many many more products..!) we hope that your big day is every inch one of the greatest adventures of all..

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Enjoy! xx

Cute Maps Table Plans

Table plans are a necessity for your wedding day; it is important to let your guests know where they should be sitting for them to relax and enjoy the day you spent so long planning! Cute Maps now offers a range of unique, bespoke table plans which can be designed to incorporate your individual theme or be kept simple (while still Cute) and tie your stationary together. Table names and numbers are completely decided by you and for our Custom Designed Table Plans we can create custom images for your plan and table. We’ve created Gin Bars, Tube Maps, around the world table plan and all sorts! You can have a look at Kim and Kevin’s customised Cute Table Plan below.

Check out your options here https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/tableplan.html




Pastel Perfection

I remember the first time the pastel craze hit, walking into topshop and looking around, thinking finally the fashion gods have gone too far and no one is ever going to wear this crap. Maybe the high street will go bust and I’ll have to make my own clothes….Then a few months later I looked down at what I was wearing; the pastel bomb had hit. Now I have accepted my love, and with very good reason. Spring like, cool, easy to match and so refreshing in the spring time. Pastels rock, and can provide an inspired theme for your wedding, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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