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Spring Style Inspiration

February is upon us and it is the time of year where I start pining for spring. Somehow I always forget that after Christmas it’s still cold, grey and miserable without any festivities to take the edge off. I am sick of wearing my winter coat, I am sick of having to plan every outfit around rain, I am sick of wearing boots and I am sick of being cold. But with the second month of the year, it almost feels like the end is neigh. The Spring collections have been launched and shops are slowly introducing some bright colours into the haze of monochrome. Now I’m not saying that it’s time to ditch the layers (remember the snow in March last year- hideous) and I don’t want to tempt fate by suggesting summer dresses can be brought out. But I do think a slight uplift in colours and fabrics is appropriate, a nod to warmer times giving us the hope we all need to get through to the next season. Let’s have a look at some of the trends from the 2014 catwalks:

  • Logos: you got something to say? Put it on a t-shirt! I’ve never been particularly comfortable wearing words, but with such pretty options available this trend is set to be big!
  • Indigenous prints were seen at Celine, Kenso and Chloe. Take on the global trail! An easy way to add a but of colour to your wardrobe. And might even make you believe you’re on holiday.
  • Cropped sweaters; we still need lots of layers and knitwear at this time of year, but why not try a change with a cropped sweater in a pretty pastel colour. This will liven up your outfit without sacrificing comfort!
  • Love worn denim; this season your jeans should look lived in, comfy and a bit worn with a high waist and straight legs. Channel your inner Thelma or Louise and enjoy these snug offerings.
  • The 90s are also having something of a revival this season with wet look hair, slip dresses and chokers all having a moment. Enjoy playing around with some of the new make-up trends; who knew metallic eye shadow would ever be in vogue!