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Something different, but still cute

It’s been a wonderful few months filled with some out of the ordinary maps and requests. Amongst many wonderful ideas were a Cute Path version of a table plan, a wedding map inside the fascinating Eden Project biomes and a table plan full of pubs…

July18_Something Different

Real Life Wedding, Natasha and Dominic

Oh what a lovely wedding! We love the vibe from Natasha and Dominics fabulous day here at Cute Maps. The theme? Laughter and fun! Below you can read all about their wonderful day and pick up on some great tips preparing for your own. These photos also really highlight the importance and skill of good timing, they really encapsulate the happiness of the day and document the fun moments very well indeed. We hope reading their story make you smile as much as we did!




Names: Dominic & Natasha

Wedding Date: 10.08.16

The vision for the day: We didn’t really have a particular theme or idea of the exact style we wanted. Honestly, all we wanted was a happy, fun and exciting day filled with laughter. We wanted fun and laughter to be at the forefront of the whole day.

The Planning Process: We decided to have a 2 year engagement and if I were to do it again I would definitely do the same! It gave us a chance to enjoy being engaged and choose suppliers and venues without the need to rush. We loved the process of planning and having friends and family join in with making favours and goodie bags. Obviously it wasn’t all roses and rainbows but even when things went wrong I could see the funny side of it…eventually!

The Venue: We were married at St. Peter’s church in Bridge and then had our reception at Winters Barns in Canterbury.





The Dress and Accessories: I had a beautiful dress from Teokath in Canterbury, it was gorgeous lace with an Art Deco inspired belt. My favourite detail was the buttons that lined from top to bottom of the dress. I also had a headband that matched my belt which I adored both by Jenny Peckham. Then there were my shoes, gorgeous ivory and gold with a big bow! Irregular choice shoes are always a win in my book!

Grooms Attire: Dom had a gorgeous charcoal grey 3 piece suit by Ted Baker. And because I had vetoed red for the wedding Dom found a way to include it…his shoes!

Beautiful Bridesmaids: My gorgeous girls wore mint green knee length chiffon dresses with a lace bodice and key hole back. I wanted something elegant…but also something they wouldn’t get too hot in for dancing the night away. They had a messy bun to the side, to accent the key hole back.



Music and First Dance: The incorporation of music in our wedding didn’t just start with our first dance. We had the bridesmaids walk down the aisle to ‘I Can Go The Distance’ from Hercules, I then followed with ‘Tale As Old As Time’ from Beauty and the Beast. While signing the register Dom’s brother played a medley on the piano which included scores from; The Godfather, Game of Thrones, Aladdin and the Lion King. When we left the church we had ‘Accidentally In Love’ ringing out. For our first dance, trying to avoid the overly romantic or teary song choices, we decided on ‘I Wouldn’t Have Nothing If I Didn’t Have You’, but the John Goodman and Billy Crystal version! All these songs, and a few more culminated in a cd for our favour to guests.

The Details and Decor: Other little details we had at the wedding were a photo guest book, pots of sweets, confetti made out of unused invitations which looked great on the tables.





The Food: Dom wanted everyone to come away full from our wedding, so food was mainly on his planning list! We had a selection of canapés, some of which were chocolate covered strawberries and Dom’s favourite rare roast beef in mini Yorkshire puddings! We then had a 3 course sit down meal, with a Greek mezzo starter as a nod to my dad’s side of the family, followed by roast duck, vegetables and dauphinois potato. My favourite course was dessert, a trio of chocolate brownie, mini cream puff and creme brûlée (divine!). The one thing Dom said we HAD to have was a hog roast in the evening, he wasn’t wrong! Mama Feelgoods were amazing caterers and couldn’t do enough for us.

The Flowers: For our flowers we had an amazing supplier, Louise from confetti connections, who went out of her way to ensure I could have succulents in the bouquets and button holes! We also had roses with them but the whole effect was something natural and countryfied! For our centre pieces we wanted to keep it simple with fishbowls, pillar candles and dusky pink calalillies.

The Cake: The cake is where we had some fun, a little something that had meaning for Dom and myself, but would also be a bit of fun for our guests. With a link to Hawaii and our first date film…Lilo and Stitch, we couldn’t have asked for more from Mama Feelgoods again in this creation.

Your Photographer: Dom and I had emphatically agreed on one thing when it came to our photographer, we didn’t want loads of posed and stiff pictures. We very much liked the style of journalistic, candid pictures. Olly Knight was our perfect match, he was so easy to work with, was incredibly friendly and brilliant to have on the day.





The Honeymoon: Due to the incredible generosity of our friends and family we have managed to book our honeymoon for Easter 2017. We are heading to San Francisco and Hawaii. We are so excited!

Memorable Moments: There are so many memorable moments from the day, from being hugged so forcefully by my flower girl I landed on the floor, receiving a video when getting ready of the boys jump starting the wedding car, to saying the priests lines as well as my own during the ceremony or when walking in to dinner…tripping on my dress while Dom walked in fist bumping the air! Dom’s most memorable moment was his best man’s speech, he was so nervous and not one for public speaking but everyone was floored, no one more than Dom.




Advice for Other Couples: The best advice we could give to other couples would be; don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy every moment of your day and have fun with planning, it doesn’t need to be a stressful affair. Finally if the grooms nervous about giving his speech, do it before dinner, so he can enjoy his wedding meal.


Olly Knight (photography) www.ollyknightphotography.co.uk

Confetti Connections (flowers and decor) www.confetticonnections.co.uk

Mama Feelgoods (food and cake) www.mamafeelgoods.com

Modes of Transport

Thinking about how you’re going to get from the ceremony to the venue? What mode of transport would best sum you both up? My best friends who got married 6 years ago in Manchester only needed to travel the short distance from The Place Hotel, where the ceremony took place, to the Midland Hotel for the reception. Their idea was via Manchester black cab! No, she didn’t hail one down last minute in her amazing Ian Stewart dress, it was all planned of course. The black cab was dressed with white ribbon, and five minutes later, the bride and groom had zoomed up Oxford Road to their destination.

This was a great idea in my opinion as the couple are lovers of the City of Manchester so black cab just seemed a perfect way to go. All us guests walked the short journey in our wedding gear! Which gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about the gorgeous ceremony and also the chance to meet fellow guests on route to the meal. The Manchester weather held out that afternoon, thank God! So we were at venue and dry! (totally different story at night though!)


Over a decade ago when my sister got married, my dad had his burgundy Mercedes Benz at the time, and she decided to volunteer dad as chauffeur and again dressed the car with thick white ribbon and flowers. It was just spot on. It meant so much to my sister to use my dad’s pride and joy for the day, and my dad was truly honoured. The whole thing looked fab.

Modes of transport for me are yet another way on your wedding day to show some personality. Use something that really has meaning for you both as a couple and it will be a great thing for your guests to witness, a great memory, and a there’s probably some great pictures to come out of it too! Add colourful balloons, tin cans, banners, flowers, anything that you love and this will set it off even more.

I am neither getting married, nor have a mode of transport (well apart from the tram-get the violins out) but I can imagine turning up at the venue in a little Italian car, a classic Fiat 500 or Lancia, in either black, white or pale pink or pale blue, dressed with tonnes of contrasting balloons and oodles of ribbon. (I haven’t thought about this at all) I think this would best sum me up in a mode of transport 🙂

At Cute Maps, we’ve designed some brilliant requests for our clients, whether they are travelling via motorbike, traditional Rolls Royce, tandem, tractor (?!) it’s all been part of their amazing story and so well fitting to their day.

Here are some of our favourite images of quirky and meaningful modes of transport. Have love, will travel x


33_4103197_orig     32_4691420_orig




37_8180491_orig     39_6869067_orig

38_5710783_orig     40_6607770_orig


Weird and Wonderful Wedding Venues

Do hotels and fancy surroundings not really relate to you and your partner? Sometimes choosing a wedding venue can seem like an endless stream of coffee meetings with people offering you all inclusive packages, catering options, seating chair covers and a million and one other things you really have never even thought off, never mind cared about. Don’t worry, you are not alone, and in recent years wedding venues have been transformed from the standard hotel deals to people getting creative and having their weddings in all sorts of places; boutique hotels, outdoor spaces and even at home. Here is a list of some of the weirdest places to tie the knot, to encourage you, as with all wedding decisions to think outside the box.37_1789734_orig

  • Underwater wedding: Have your ceremony underwater! Many couples have chosen this option with one even doing it in a shark tank (yikes) cold feet will be the least of your worries.
  • Rollercoaster wedding, Coney Island, home to one of the world’s most famous roller coasters; an 83 year old wooden Cyclone where you can now get hitched; usually ceremonies take place on the boarding platform and then the whole wedding party can enjoy a spin on the cyclone.
  • A Doughnut Shop; Voodoo doughnut shop in Portland. You can have a choice of ceremonies at this prime location including a nonbinding “intentional commitment” ceremony (one of which involved two cats getting hitched), or the “Whole Shebang,” which includes an in-house Universal Life minister, coffee and doughnuts.


  • In the air: Forget the church, marriage in the sky offers a 20-seat, platform hoisted 164 feet into the air. This marriage mobile can anchor wherever there’s 5,000 square feet of secure surface area, so the sky’s the limit for location as long as your preferred landscape sits in one of 15 countries where the company has an operating license. Bungee jumping afterwards is optional.
  • Wedding on the road: Reverend Darrell Best pimped out his 1942-edition American La France fire engine into a mini chapel on wheels. The holy matrimony ride is complete with stained glass windows, pipe organ and even an altar for the special occasion. He charges $200 fee plus $2 per mile for the ride and ceremony. Head to Illinois for this opportunity!
  • Or for a destination closer to home, head to Cornwall where you can get married in a mine; a delightfully quirky venue for a civil ceremony.

Guest Book Ideas

I used to think with dread about the guest book at weddings, flashes of Charlottes wedding in Sex and the City when poor Miranda is dismayed at being ‘in charge of the guest book’; chained to the least fun location, unable to go mingle at the bar, having to offer all those fancy, glamorous guests a pen and repeating the failing slogan ‘would you like to sign the guest book’ like a poor salesman who knows nobody wants to buy.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Guest books can be cool, quirky, unique and provide the perfect keepsake form your wedding day. They are also a form of entertainment for your guests, something to talk about and keep them busy during part of the day, when you’re having your photos taken for example.

Here are just a few fantastic ideas to have your guests leave their mark in a personal way. No bridesmaid will turn her nose up at being left in charge of these.

  • Provide chalkboards and encourage guests to take photos with messages for you.
  • Set up a photo booth at the reception. with a camera and a blank background, provide props and costumes for guests to take funny photos
  • Have triangles of different fabric designs for your guests to leave messages on and make into bunting after your wedding
  • Globe guest book, especially good if friends from around the world; get them to sign at home towns, where you met, where their favourite place to holiday is.
  • Print out pretty paper squares for your guests to leave messages on, then have them bound into a guest book. Or do the same with postcards
  • Have a photo of each guest set up on a wall somewhere, have them leave their well wishes on the back of the photo and create an album you’ll cherish forever.
  • Provide come vintage records and have your guests leave messages on them with a paint pen.
  • Fans of Jenga? Have your guests sign jenga blocks and get some good advice next time you play
  • Finger Painting; have a drawing of a tree and ask people to leave their fingerprints as leaves. Do this in different colours to create a unique piece of art.