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New Product Alert!

OMG how exciting.. We have a new product at Cute Maps! It’s so hot off the press that it’s not even on the site yet, so read on for exclusive info on ‘The Journey Map’.

So, like our Gift Maps, this indeed makes a gorgeous custom made, personal gift. But these are totally based on ‘a journey’, whatever weird, wonderful, glorious happy thing that may be. The Journey Map can contain a lot more detail than the Gift Map, which is based on a background of a curly path travelling from January right through to December, so you can document A WHOLE YEAR in an extremely cute, fun and colourful way. We can include buildings, landmarks, milestones, achievements, fun days, text, descriptions… so much! As well as a very fetching cute cartoon take on whoever the Journey Map is dedicated to.

This really would make an amazing gift for anytime of year or occasion, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, you name it, we’ll design it! Utterly personal and totally bespoke to your information and specifications. What better way to document your memories? We hope you love them as much as we do!

Web page coming soon, but prices start at £160 for your custom made design. Just drop us an email at info@cutemaps.co.uk with any queries in the meantime and take a look at the fab design below!

111_Image - Cute Path

Guest Book Ideas

I used to think with dread about the guest book at weddings, flashes of Charlottes wedding in Sex and the City when poor Miranda is dismayed at being ‘in charge of the guest book’; chained to the least fun location, unable to go mingle at the bar, having to offer all those fancy, glamorous guests a pen and repeating the failing slogan ‘would you like to sign the guest book’ like a poor salesman who knows nobody wants to buy.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Guest books can be cool, quirky, unique and provide the perfect keepsake form your wedding day. They are also a form of entertainment for your guests, something to talk about and keep them busy during part of the day, when you’re having your photos taken for example.

Here are just a few fantastic ideas to have your guests leave their mark in a personal way. No bridesmaid will turn her nose up at being left in charge of these.

  • Provide chalkboards and encourage guests to take photos with messages for you.
  • Set up a photo booth at the reception. with a camera and a blank background, provide props and costumes for guests to take funny photos
  • Have triangles of different fabric designs for your guests to leave messages on and make into bunting after your wedding
  • Globe guest book, especially good if friends from around the world; get them to sign at home towns, where you met, where their favourite place to holiday is.
  • Print out pretty paper squares for your guests to leave messages on, then have them bound into a guest book. Or do the same with postcards
  • Have a photo of each guest set up on a wall somewhere, have them leave their well wishes on the back of the photo and create an album you’ll cherish forever.
  • Provide come vintage records and have your guests leave messages on them with a paint pen.
  • Fans of Jenga? Have your guests sign jenga blocks and get some good advice next time you play
  • Finger Painting; have a drawing of a tree and ask people to leave their fingerprints as leaves. Do this in different colours to create a unique piece of art.