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All I want for Christmas! Our Top 20 Treats List

All I want for Christmas….! We’ve put together a bunch of delectable delights (mainly ‘for her’ of course!) of our top 20 needs and wants for Christmas this year, in no particular order. Any one of these would make a totally luxe gift for any special lady in your life, Chanel nail polish for your best friend, stylish Liberty stationary for your colleague, Charbonnel et Walker chocolates for your mum… there’s so many beautiful gifts to choose from but these are our highlights at Cute Maps this year, so if any of you are stuck for ideas – I put this list together (hint!)



 Above: 1.Chanel Nail Polish £18

2. Chanel Noir Perfume £106 for 100ml

3.Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick £25


Above: Liberty 2015 Navy Leather Diary £60 – Also available as a note book


Above: Emma Bridgewater for Liberty Mug £24.95


Above: 1. Liberty Fudge £7.95

2. Liberty Scarf £65


Above: House of Hackney Velvet Cushions £145


Above: House of Hackney Set of Three Notebooks £14

60_9636316_orig                                             61_5602240_orig

62_3257685_orig                                                63_2431811_orig

Above: 1. Christian Lacroix A6 Notebook £12

2. Fortnum & Mason Biscuits £25

3. Fornasetti Candle £99

4. Diptyque Candle £45


Above: The Jewel Box by Prestat £24.95


Above: Charbonell et Walker Truffles £12.95


Above: Pierre Hardy Pouch £135 (small) £160 (large)


Purple Trim Phone Amazon £19.99

That should do it!

Cute Maps Christmas Shop Launch!

This is really exciting for us, as you can imagine! Our first EVER Cute Maps Christmas shop where you can purchase not only two wonderful personalised Christmas gifts: the Gift Map and Customised Calendar, but for the first time ever we have launched Custom Illustrated Christmas Cards and Gift Tags. Check out our new page here https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/cutechristmas.html

Our Cute Maps Gift Map is a truly wonderful personalised Christmas present. We are accustomed to receiving many weird and wonderful map concepts from ‘Our Journey Together’, ‘Our World Trip’ to ‘Our Road Rally’, so how about ‘Our First Christmas’? We’d love to hear your ideas, so if you have something in mind just get in touch! We recommend up to approximately 5-6 locations on your Cute Maps, if you require more, just get in touch for a custom quote, we are very accommodating! Prices start at £120 for black and white or one colour, and order by the 8th December for delivery in time for Christmas. Click here to see more info https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/giftmap.html


Another delightful option is our brand new Custom Illustrated Calendar, what better gift to keep your family and friends organised for 2015! A super cute bespoke custom illustrated calendar sitting pretty on its very own wooden easel! Each calendar consists of 12 individual postcards for each month, printed with illustrated head shots of your friends, family or pets on high quality textured card. The back of each card hosts a section for your personal notes. Each calendar can cater up to 6 characters including pets… what a great personalised pressie! Prices start at £13.00 for one. As a special treat we also have an amazing FREE SHIPPING offer on this item, which is usually £7.00, all you need to do is select ‘No Shipping’ from the delivery drop down box at the checkout page. Order ASAP to get your Christmas cards in time, but the last day to order for Christmas delivery on your cards is 10th December. Click here to see more info https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/calendar.html

23_1402905_orig     22_1023569_orig

Continue the personalised theme by greeting your friends and family with Cute Maps Christmas cards including an mini illustrated you! Each of these cute cards can feature up to 6 custom illustrations of your family, friends or pets! All you have to do is send us photos of whoever you’d like to include with your order to info@cutemaps.co.ukand we will design away! Prices start at £18.00 for 20. Order ASAP to get your Christmas cards in time, but the last day to order for Christmas delivery on your cards is 10th December, FREE SHIPPING is also available on this item. Click on this link for more info https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/christmascards.html


Why not match your special bespoke Christmas cards with personalised Gift Tags?! Make tagging your presents cute and easy with these custom Christmas tags. Each tag can feature a motif of your choice. All you need to do is view the pictures in the gallery to pick one, or why not use one of the characters that you’ve had previously designed from your custom calendar and Christmas card? Prices start at £8.00 for 24. The last day to order your tags is 16th December and FREE SHIPPING once again! Have a look at this link for more info and images https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/christmastags.html


If you have any questions, just send us a little email and I’m sure we can put something great together for you… Merry Cute Christmas to all! And for more info just click here https://www.cutemaps.co.uk/cutechristmas.html

Wedding Gift Ideas

I know it can sometimes be quite a task thinking up new and creative gifts to make or buy for the bride and groom, and weddings seem to happen all at once don’t they?! Getting your creative head on can be difficult within short spaces of time (as is planning the outfit!) so we’ve put together a nice little gallery of some great fool-proof ideas for any up and coming nuptials.

A few of them are sold through our partners Not On The High Street and you can find so many personalised gifts there. Including Cute Maps of course! We offer a ‘Gift Map’ service where we map out a ‘journey’ or ‘experience’ in our classic cute and colourful way. We receive so many weird and wonderful requests for Gift Maps, so bring it on, let’s hear your story! Take a look at our website for more details on the process and how to order. This would make a perfect gift for the bride and/or groom, your bridesmaids, parents, friends, anybody at all! The possibilities are endless.

We’ve seen so many low cost home made ideas too, including a hamper with all the ingredients for the bride and groom to make their favourite meal, their names in scrabble letters in a lovely frame, how about filling their fridge with goodies after their honeymoon to save them worrying about break and milk on their return?

Take a look at these ideas and see what you think… x

Custom Coasters – NOTHS – A lovely way to record memories


Mr & Mrs Mugs – NOTHS


A great celebratory gift- NOTHS


Tree Carving Chopping Board – NOTHS


The possibilities are endless with this simple idea


And of course, Cute Map Gift Maps! A fab way to see the memories all in one cute and custom made place!




Wedding Favours: The History and Modern Ideas

134_1507066Well what do we know about the history of wedding favours? Where does this idea of giving the guests a sweet treat come from? Here’s the history bit!

The tradition of the wedding favour goes back to French aristocracy centuries ago, and the original name for the favour was ‘bonbonniere’ (how cute!) It was a small and curious trinket box made from something gorgeous like crystal, porcelain or precious stones filled with something edible. Think Marie Antoinette levels of luxury and decadence. The edible element was generally something made from sugar or similar confections, symbolising wealth and royalty, as sugar was extremely expensive and only available to the very well-off.

As the price of sugar decreased over the years, this tradition became more widespread and meant that the lower classes could also afford to offer their guests this special gift of thanks. Bonbonnieres were then replaced with almonds which were coated with sugar, known as ‘Confetti’ or ‘dragée’, (which a very hard by the way, tried these at a couple of Italian and Greek weddings and very nearly chipped a tooth! Not a great wedding look) which them became known as sugared almonds, becoming the traditional and popular wedding favour that we are familiar with today.

Below: An example of an original bonbonniere


Traditionally, five Jordan almonds sit in the box to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. ‘Sugared almonds’ is meant to be a metaphor for married life: the bitterness (from the almond) of life and the sweetness (from the sugar) of love.

Jordan almonds originate back to Ancient Rome where honey-covered almonds were commonly eaten at festivities. When sugar became more readily available in the 15th Century, the almonds were coated in sugar instead. The Pelino family in Sulmona, Italy perfected the technique of creating the dragée almonds.

136_3960577As with all traditions, they fade and morph into something more modern. The idea of a well thought out favour can be really meaningful and a great way to thank the guests and help them remember the day by, and can even make a cute keep sake. One of my favourite wedding favours that I’ve received was at (my friends) Mr and Mrs Shrimpton’s Wedding. They filled a jam jar with as many strawberry flavoured ‘shrimp’ sweets as they could, with a lovely gingham lid and our names on each of the jars (similar to the image to the left, which also doubled up as a handy table name card!) I thought it was a really nice idea as this obviously had meaning to the bride and groom, and as a bonus we all got a little mini starter before the meal!

Favours obviously depend greatly on budget, amount of guests, and in a lot of cases, time! DIY favours for over 100 guests can prove quite a testing task for the wedding party to achieve! But we’ve put together a list of images with some ideas that we think you might like. These could also be further personalised (if you have the time and the patience!) but they are definitely cute enough as they are. Cute Maps love the Instagram photo personal coasters, and the bottles of bubbly (of course!)




145_7450575_orig     137_3273290_orig


139_5479685_orig     140_8136656_orig