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Pastel Perfection

I remember the first time the pastel craze hit, walking into topshop and looking around, thinking finally the fashion gods have gone too far and no one is ever going to wear this crap. Maybe the high street will go bust and I’ll have to make my own clothes….Then a few months later I looked down at what I was wearing; the pastel bomb had hit. Now I have accepted my love, and with very good reason. Spring like, cool, easy to match and so refreshing in the spring time. Pastels rock, and can provide an inspired theme for your wedding, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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We Love Cake!

Italy is full of romantic destinations, especially in the north. Arrive in Rome and take in sensational renaissance architecture, wander the city, relax in gardens and dress up for a night at the opera. You can then get a train to Florence, the culture capital of Italy. Here you can visit Michalangelos David, take in numerous piazzas and churches; many of which offer free concerts and opera performances throughout the year. Enjoy delicious steak, fantastic wines and wander the Piazza di Santo Spirito, home to Florence’s hippest, liveliest bars and cafés. Aperitivo is a Florence tradition which happens at 7-9 in the evening, dress up to see and be seen at the cities trendiest bars. Extra points if you are mistaken as a local. With your drink you get to eat your fill from a buffet where food ranges from nuts and olives to bruschetta, salami and cheese, via couscous and cold pasta salads. From Florence you can travel by train to Venice; take a tour of the grand canal,soak up the contemporary art scene and savour the best ice cream in the world. The wine will continue to impress and you can even take a day trip to Verona and visit ‘Casa di Giulietta’- Juliet’s house. Be sure to do your own Shakespeare rendition before you return home, priceless!