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Wedding Food

Time was when wedding food conjured up images of dreary roasts, sad buffets and unappetising safe mains sure to leave you full of stodge. However now we have realised the error of our ways and the standard of food being served has risen dramatically, so much so that some couples see it as one of the most important things about their day; definitely a sure way to please the masses! From delicious sharing platters, themed foods, informal barbeques, classy dinners and everything inbetween the rules are well and truly gone and your taste can completely dictate your choice.  Here are just a few options to get your imagination going.
Sharing Platters are perfect to gather up your favourite meats, cheeses and breads and have platters shared on the tables. A great way for your guests to mingle with each other and create the perfect informal atmosphere for your day.
A Tea Party is a lovely alternative to enjoy some sweet treats and dainty sandwiches. You can really go to town on the decor here and could even have a bake off style competition your guests can contribute to.
How about a Hog Roast? It’s a sure crowd pleaser and absolutely delicious! Can’t go wrong (unless your a vegetarian).
Tapas and paella- you could have just tapas, or just paella or both! Tapas starters and a delicious paella main. Again this is an easy way to feed a lot of people and adds a fun touch to the dining experience.
Buffet. A way to ensure people are well fed and get exactly what they want. This also adds an informal/mingling aspect to the dinner and may work out cheaper than a cooked option. You could have a range of hot and cold dishes or even do it ‘pot luck’ style where everyone brings their signature dish.
If there’s a particular food truck you love, why not ask them if they cater for weddings, or have a look for local suppliers that are known for their delicious offerings.
All of these options look delicious to me! I think the best advice is to pick your favourite foods and incorporate them into your meal. You can’t please all of the people all of the time but you can make sure you spend your wedding day eating what you think is delicious, and mostly people will agree!