New Cute Map Journeys Blog coming soon!

Its no secret that I’m a travelling fiend which fuelled my passion for maps and discovery. If you follow me on Instagram @howcutemk you’ll know planning new adventures is one of my biggest pastimes. In fact, nowadays I spend more time planning trips than I do on them!

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of extended time backpacking and road tripping, but nowadays 7-10 day road trips taking in 3 or 4 hotels has become our winning formula. As my husband and I run our own businesses its just not possible to suspend all communication with back home so, before or after sightseeing, we spend the odd hour working and our ‘life is good’ moments often transpire in those moments: sitting in front of a stunning panorama, with a glass of wine, in a beautiful hotel or restaurant with our laptops.

So a new endeavour for 2022 will be sharing our many road trips past and present (illustrated in Cute Maps of course) presenting some of our favourite unique hotels-and-restaurants-with-a-view, top tips and the best vistas we found along the way. The Cute Maps Explorer blog will be a visual treat and something I hope you enjoy!

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