Funny Valentine

Happy Valentines Day everybody!! I know, you probably didn’t even realise it was today, not like EVERY shop in the world has been pushing it for at least a month. I can’t walk through Boots anymore without evaporating in a cloud of sweet smelling perfume and ridiculous red heart shaped balloons. Why has this holiday got SUCH a bad color scheme! Red and pink are never allowed together but suddenly it’s acceptable. Somebody needs to give V day a good old make over. But anyway, asides from the major style error the substance of valentines day is, dare I say it, sweet. And any holiday that means you can have fancy chocolates, delicious breakfasts and flowers is fine by me. However not everyone can cope with these levels of sappiness, So I have found some acceptable cards for you to give your loved ones…or laugh at with them. Have a great weekend!



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