Favours for Travel/Destination Wedding

It is often a topic which divides the wedding party, to favour or not to favour. For some of you, you’ll find the dinky gifts are a great way to show your guests thanks for being with you on your big day, and a small way to support the rest of your wedding theme. They can make a beautiful addition to the table and you have the opportunity to enjoy the process of sourcing great gifts for your guests. However there can be nothing worse than spending a great deal of time and money on finding the perfect wedding favour that get left behind once the reception is over. Hopefully I can provide some simple yet effective and fun wedding favours for your perfect destination/travel themed wedding.

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  1. So if you’re looking for something which is packaged for you, where you can have a gorgeous favour just buy ordering online you can get adorable aeroplane bottle openers with map box packaging for £2.20 each, great getting the party started and definitely not being left behind.
  2. If your wedding party has a sweet tooth, a great way to present them is in a miniature travel suitcase, as they are empty you can personalise them for each guest. Perfect as a low cost option for the larger guests list or as a sweet gift for a small reception.
  3. If you’re looking for something which you can DIY a handmade map box with a selection of you and your partners favourite sweet treats. To create an even more personal touch you could make the map on the box one of your most significant locations, such as your first date or the place of your engagement.
  4. A great favour which is a little more alternative is a compass, get a gold and black version on confetti.co.uk. They will definitely be something that your guests will keep and would be a great way to entertain younger guests with activities, such as a short orienteering exercise or a way to create a treasure hunt through the journey.
  5. Another DIY which is travel themed is a vintage suitcase favour box template which can be printed and then made with your own choice of paper, this gives you more flexibility when creating your favours and you would be able to fill them with whatever else you would like. This is also another great suitcase template.
  6. A simple yet effective ideas would be to bake (or ask someone else to bake) some love letter themed cookies, they could also be decorated like globes or aeroplanes
  7. A way to present your suitcases would be to get a small canvas and stand and write that its baggage claim this would keep them off of the tables so that they would be easily taken and you could put every name on different baggage tag.
  8. A favour which not only would never get left behind but also would help to keep your guests safe from the sun, would be pocket suncream. The suncream bottles can be personalised with the couples names and any colour or design that you would want. They also have a carabiner attached so that they can be attached to purses or pockets, you know there’ll be no sun burn at your wedding.
  9. A wedding favour which will bring a little light to your guests would be personalised candles. You can buy clear glass candle holders and then place cheaper candles into them, after this you can wrap a map around the holder, similar to the homemade boxes you could use a map location which is significant to you and your partner.
  10. A wedding favour which will keep your wedding in the mind of your guests for a long time is a compass bottle stopper. This could also be used for any of the leftover drink from the wedding and would be very useful for your guests in the future.
  11. Luggage tag favours are also perfect for a destination wedding as you can give them out at the end of your wedding and your guests will have something to use immediately. You can also add a small thank you onto the suitcase tag. You can also get more personalised tags for


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