Dreamy Dresses

When beginning to think, dream, plan what you’re going to wear on the big day; undoubtably one of the first places you turn to is weddings you have seen before. This may be actual real life ones, but much of our experience comes from living through the weddings of our favourite characters, whose wedding and love life we are truly invested in. Whether you dream of a Vera Wang extravaganza or pine for an alternative, understated number the dresses we see on our screens often become entwined in our ‘dream’ weddings (before we realise just how much a 20s ball room, bespoke swarovski crystals and champagne fountain are). But for today lets ignore the practicalities and have a look at some of the best dresses from our favourite fictional dress, all in the name of research of course.
Miranda in Sex in the City. Autumnal perfection! In stark contrast to the other SITC girls Miranda wore an alternative wedding dress that suited her perfectly. AND she married Steve becoming the sweetest, most perfect, beautiful married couple ever. We literally dreamed of this moment for ever aaaaah bit of a Steve fan obviously….too much? Never.
Cece in New Girl. OK so this probably isn’t how you would want your wedding to go, but if you’re going to be left at the alter may as well look stunning amIright? And Cece is obviously meant to marry Schmidt anyways so it all worked out for the best.
Heidi in the Hills; there were many things wrong with this wedding, but Heidi’s dress sure as hell wasn’t on of them. This epic Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown definitely fitted her ‘princess dress’ criteria. Shame about the horrible groom.
Jessa in Girls, taking bohemian style to a whole new level. I love this floaty, sweet wedding dress. And the headband to match is flawless. Top marks Jessa.
Serena in Gossip Girl. Gold! (always believe in your soul) . This amazing Georges Chakra Couture gown with gold detailing suited her perfectly. And added a modern twist to her dress.
Monica in Friends. Ah this classic dress was as perfect as this union. Also take note of how to rock a cathedral length veil!

Well there you have it, some of my favourite fictional dresses, do you have any to add?



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