Disney Inspired Weddings


Fairy tale weddings can appear ambitious however, having a Disney themed wedding can make dreams come true. Whether its small finishing touches that add the Disney magic or every aspect around the Disney theme, you can be sure that the special day will bring a smile to the guests faces.

Small details:

To achieve that Disney sparkle, inspiration can be pulled from any attribute from the world of Disney, from classic movies to the modern, the beloved characters or maybe to honour Walt Disney himself. This can be achieved with subtle details ensuring it doesn’t overshadow the special day. An enchanting way to inject Disney charm is to style each table on different films or different scenes from your favourite film. To top it off table centrepieces can be an important aspect of the film- for example, the magic rose from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Cinderella’s glass slippers from ‘Cinderella’ or the magic lamp from ‘Aladdin’.

More subtle approaches to the Disney theme can be tags on the food and drink – ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ from the 1951 classic ‘Alice in Wonderland, Mickey ears and using the Disney font all add a little extra magic.

Big Accents:

The key parts of a wedding such as the bride’s dress and the cake can make a big Disney statement.

The wedding cake is a canvas for you to go wild with your Disney ideas. Characters or accents such as Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears, the Disneyland castle or the Mad Hatters hat.

Believe it or not infamous Disney-inspired princess dresses can be refreshingly tasteful! For those with bottomless budgets, Paolo Sebastian has launched a truly stunning, fashion forward Disney collection of gowns representing modernised versions of your favourite character, including cursive embroidery and flawless embellishment. A particular favourite of ours is the boho subtle aqua boho take on Ariel (see pic). An alternatively way to really throw that theme out there is to invite guests to dress up as Disney characters or, even just encourage that in the younger guests.



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