Cute Map Order Form

  • Feel free to browse this order form to get an idea of the info required to begin design. Please only submit this form if you have completed checkout. Thank You.
  • Payment must be received in full before the design process begins.
  • We can work with as little as your date, names and locations so its always best to start with these first and then add in any further requests. We recommend a max of 5 locations. Contact us for a quote if you have more in mind. You are welcome to substitute locations with motif requests.
  • If your venues are private or not locatable online please email us a snap to after submitting your form. If your venues can be found online, no need to send through pictures.
  • You will receive a first proof and a final proof (if required) with small, reasonable tweaks and amendments free of charge. In order to keep prices reasonable, additional proofs and lengthy & additional design requests following the first proof are not included, so please ensure all requests are on your initial order form. This excludes wording changes which aren’t a problem. A definition of small tweaks can be found in the Terms & Conditions here.
  • Re-scaling and changing the orientation of the map design after the first proof involve further design costs so please ensure you stipulate on the order form if you have any particular instructions regarding these. To achieve the most optimum layout and composition of your map design we recommend the orientation (Portrait/Landscape) be chosen by us during design.
  • Returns Policy: Due to the lengthy design times and highly personalised nature of Cute Map design, orders are non-refundable. We’ve a history of only happy customers, but please ensure you have a good look around the gallery and pictures on the product page to know what to expect from your design. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before placing your order.
  • Our full Terms & Conditions can be viewed HERE (opens in a new window).

  • e.g. Kelly & Sanjay, Kelly Smith & Sanjay Patel, David's 40th Birthday Party
    (included free of charge if required)
    e.g. 35 Day/15 Eve
    Please detail up to 5 locations. These are used to dictate the scale but let us know if you have a particular scale in mind. You're welcome to substitute locations with custom motif requests e.g. pet dog.
    Feel free to reference gallery images
    If you have specific wording in mind please detail it here. If not, we're happy to put together standard wording for you. You can also submit your wording after the proof if you still have to prepare this.
    View our Terms and Conditions here (opens in new window)

    If you have any pictures to send through please attach them to an email and send to us at following submitting this form. Thank you.