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Ways to save on your big day without having to compromise

Weddings can be expensive. There, we said it. Finding creative ways to reduce the cost of a wedding without having to compromise on the things you dreamed of, that’s the challenge that faces many couples. Here are a few fabulous ideas to help you create a big day with a small budget:

The wedding car


Turning up at your wedding in a vintage Rolls Royce is the image most will get when they think about the car, but you can have something just as beautiful, or quirky, within your budget. Take the VW Camper, for example – it’s a classic in almost everyone’s eyes and looks absolutely gorgeous with a bit of bunting, ribbons and a few flowers. You can see a couple of beautiful examples in Otis and Barbarella from South Coast Vintage. Maybe you had something else in mind? How about adding a green twist to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly and turning up in a Tesla? What about that friend of yours whose dad drives a Jag? Or that colleague from work with an open-topped sports car? You can still get the perfect car for a lot less than you probably thought.  

The wedding rings


Possibly the biggest single purchase you’ll make for your wedding is the rings, or at least that’s how many people perceive them. They don’t have to be gold; they don’t have to be metal; they don’t even have to be rings at all, assuming you don’t mind joining the growing trend of wedding band tattoos! Neither do they have to be new. Many families pass down jewellery from one generation to the next, so maybe there’s something lurking in a jewellery box somewhere that could be just perfect.  

The wedding band


So you could save a bit by asking Auntie Carol if she’ll sing a few songs, but the chances are you’ll want something a little more professional for the big day. Everybody loves a bit of live music, and you can find some great live bands to hire all around the country. You get to choose the type of band and style of music you want, and your guests get to have a great time. One good tip to save on the cost of a band is to try to find one local to you; that way you’ll avoid too much in travel costs and accommodation. You should also make sure that the band is ‘self-contained’ in that they bring everything they need to perform. The last thing you want is for them to turn up and find they expect you to provide the PA system and microphones.  

The wedding flowers


Flowers make up a big part of the wedding; if nothing else, the catching of the bride’s bouquet is a hotly anticipated event. Picking wildflowers is becoming more popular, especially for those looking at having more natural themes for their day. You can pick just the colours you want or create a multicoloured range, straight from mother nature’s palette.  

If you are looking to keep control over your wedding budget, these are just a few ideas to help you save some money without having to compromise on style. After all, who wouldn’t want to arrive in a classic camper, exchange family heirloom rings, enjoy the colours of nature and spend the evening listening to live music? No compromise at all.