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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re around the age where it seems everyone you know is getting engaged, you may find yourself being invited to bachelorette/hen parties just about every other weekend. And while we all love to celebrate the happiness of our friends, sometimes attending these parties can feel a bit redundant. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with some slightly different ideas on how to throw a bachelorette party that everyone will be talking about for months or even years to come!

Go On A Wine Tour
Most bachelorette parties will include at least some amount of drinking (sparkling wines tend to be a favorite), so why not class it up and inject a little bit of wine education by going on a vineyard tour? Get your girl squad together and arrange for a hired driver to take you from vineyard to vineyard in one of the UK’s stunning wine regions. There are three major wine-producing regions you should consider: Sussex, Kent, and Surrey. Sussex is known for its sparkling wines, thanks to its cooler climate and soil composition; Kent produces delicious whites; and Surrey is home to the Denbie’s Wine Estate, which is one of the biggest wine producers in all of the UK. Poll your friend group to see which kind of wines people like the most, and pick a few vineyards to visit for a fun day of drinking and snacking.

Spend A Day At The Races
The UK horse racing tradition has something in common with bachelorette parties: both activities make people want to put on their prettiest dresses and pop bottles of tasty champagne! In addition to offering bar availability, a high-end racing venue can make a good bachelorette party spot because of its entertainment value and fine dining options. Many of the classier racecourses have renowned restaurants overlooking the races, and some even offer private dining experiences for large groups (like your bachelorette party!). You and your guests will also be free to embrace the races themselves. That can mean going online to find a free wager, and thereby finding a horse to root for. Or if betting isn’t your group’s style, you and the ladies can always just choose a horse at random as well! As a final note, if a day at the races sounds like something the group might enjoy, is that some popular venues (such as Newmarket or Epsom Downs) also happen to have live music during the summer.

Let Your Inner Artist Shine
We all loved doing arts and crafts at birthday parties when we were kids, so why not bring the tradition back into adulthood? In fact, art classes with themes like “sip and paint” have recently gained a ton of popularity all over the world. If you’ve ever done one before, you know that they can be a lot of fun, especially when done with a group of friends (who probably won’t judge your artwork too harshly). And if you haven’t, now is the perfect occasion to try! If you want to have more control over your activity, you could surely set up your own version at home, or at a rented venue. Cute Maps share a studio space with Rachel Baker Artist who runs regular step-by-step simple ‘Liquid Art’ classes local to the Milton Keynes area and offers these sessions for private parties and bachelorette/hen parties in your home. A fun idea would be to have everyone’s final product on display at the wedding reception, and allow guests to vote on who made the best painting!

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