Monthly Archives: August 2016

An Unusual Affair

So the theme today came about after I discovered the amazing venue Aynhoe Park, in Oxfordshire. It’s so packed full of eccentricity and quirks (and lush interiors by Matthew Williamson) that I got to thinking about the more decadent side of the Sixties. There are were some real timeless beauties like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Burkin whose effortless beauty seems as relevant today as they was when they first emerged and loads classic style mixed with young psychedelia I think made for a really fab time in decor and fashion. Below I’ve mixed together some directions that show different designers reinterpreting the vibe in recent years. This is all on the new Pinterest account I set up, so if you want to see the source, have a poke around and you should be able to trace it. I am also going to be championing a lot of Etsy sellers (and cousin sites) as I’m an avid delver into the depths of this online Arts Market and have some real gems I want to share. To get you started is one of my favourites, Purple Fish Bowl that has the butterfly collar featured below among their wares.